Look at the sun ☀️ . Of course you can’t, because… Read more


Who are my friends?!

Some people think that friends are people with whom you spend a lot of time. But I actually don’t agree with them, because I don’t share the same opinion 💭. … Continue reading Who are my friends?!

Every day is new story

The most interesting story is the story of your life.But we study it only when we feel upset 😭. But why?! We face everyday with new situations that change our mood and maybe change our personality as well. We change everyday without realizing it.🙄 Read more>

Traveling & Photos & People

We all love travelling. It is the most fantastic thing to do. Visiting a new place means having fun, learning new things, knowing a culture different from yours etc. But there are also some people who don’t like to travel but even they don’t like it they visit every place in this world.🌎
Why they do this if they don’t like it?!🤔
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