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The idea of a “perfect” day

Living the same day everyday is the most boring thing that can happen 😣. You should think about something to cheer up 🤗 your day. Don’t you think so? 🤔 … Continue reading The idea of a “perfect” day


Nature itself is the best photo filter

We all love photos 📸. We take photos to remember the moment as well as to share them on social networks. Sometimes using a filter makes your photos worse than … Continue reading Nature itself is the best photo filter

Fashion is you

Nowadays everyone tries to follow the latest fashion. There are a lot of people who buy expensive clothes, just because it is a famous brand 💎 or a celebrity wore the same. But do they really fit you?!🤔 Read more

Terrible photos

We surf the Net all day long. We all love social networks and they are an important part of our life. You can see there different photos, different places, different views as well as different people with different ideas. Some of these people share photos that I name “terrible photos“.😓
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