A walk by the lake

A few days ago, I met an old friend of mine and she complimented me about my blog 👌. It is always nice ☺️ when people like your work. I always ask my friends for new ideas of places where I can take photos 🤗. And she said:” Have you been to the lake 🤔?!” “Ohh, wait what 😵? To that lake that really makes my life difficult during the Geo lesson 😪? No way…I don’t like that place👎.”

But I decided to go there to take some photos 📸.

And the photos were amazing 👌.( Take a look at the photos below ⬇️)

Even if I look horrible, the great view behind me makes the photo look very attractive 🔥.( I was giving an example, because I don’t look horrible 😂.)

It also was the perfect moment, when the sun ☀️ and the water 💦 really mixed the colors to create that wonderful view .

I have been there several times, but only today I saw the real beauty of my lake .

Comment below if you like my photos ✅.

So, sometimes the beauty is there waiting for you, but you don’t see it, because you don’t know your real purpose, you’re distracted. 



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