Big City vs Small Village 

Nowdays a lot of people move to live in big cities such as New York , Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Seoul etc. But if you would ask me I really don’t like these loud cities 😤. What about you?

Ok, I can’t deny that these cities are great places to visit ✨, but not to live in. I can’t stand the noise, the traffic and the concrete ❌. All these things make you feel like you are living in a prison. You can only see the sky 🌌 . You can’t feel “the taste” of fresh air and also don’t forget the crime level. 💭

On the other hand, village is best place to live in. You can feel the nature 🍃that hum around you. You are surrounded by fresh air, trees 🌲 and grass 🌱. This is the real world I want to live in. ✅

And the most important thing that city will never have is the “silence”.😌Let’s take New York, the city that never sleeps. But people, I really wanna sleep 😴 to be able to enjoy the next day on max. (Just kidding 😂)

Different people have different tastes. This is mine.

You may say:”What is this weird person that doesn’t like to live in New York?!”

Well yep, I like silence and to be on my own.

This is my opinion, what about yours?

Good luck 👋





3 thoughts on “Big City vs Small Village 

  1. I lived in a very small town for over 40 years and loved it. Had feeling of knowing eveyone in the Village. Now l live in NYc and I love it here too. What strikes me is that the large city is really a bunch of small towns. hese “towns” are defined as Yorkville, Celsea, Turtle bay etc.

    1. I agree with you 100 percent. I’ve been living in bustling cities for a long time, that are noisy, crowded with a focus on increasing building, reducing beautiful nature to a park here and there. I am exhilarated to know that I am headed to a very small town that is quiet, friendly with plenty of nature to spend time in. Great post.

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