Nature itself is the best photo filter

We all love photos 📸. We take photos to remember the moment as well as to share them on social networks. Sometimes using a filter makes your photos worse than they are 😂.

Don’t you think so?

Ok I agree 👍, some filters are really great, but some others are too complicated 😵, they don’t make your photo look better, they destroy it 😰. So don’t experiment too much.

For me the best photo filter is the nature itself. The sun ☀️ , the clouds ☁️, the fog 🌫 ,the grass 🌱, the sky 🌌 are the best filter for your photos.

Ok, we can’t find the perfect conditions whenever we want, so we are forced to use filters 😏, but don’t exaggerate it.

Photos below were taken at 5 o’clock in the morning, while the sun was rising and the fog was covering the land. And the most important thing is that I used no filter. 🤗

Don’t forget, the more natural the photo is, the more attractive it looks.

Good luck 🍀👋




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