Fashion is you

Nowadays everyone tries to follow the latest fashion. There are a lot of people who buy expensive clothes, just because it is a famous brand 💎 or a celebrity wore the same. But do they really fit you?!🤔

Just because a celebrity looks really good 😍 and hot 🔥, it doesn’t mean that you should wear it too 🙄. Maybe it fits or maybe it doesn’t. It depends on you. Sometimes our taste is influenced by other people and it makes you to show the worst side of yourself 😣.

What really makes me laugh 😂 is that some people buy something and than I tell them:”You look awful 😱.” And their answer is:”What?! But it is Versace, D&G (famous brands) etc.”

So when you go shopping look for what makes you look much better than you are. At least I think that’s the purpose. Find what makes you feel confident and buy it only if you think you look great.

That’s what Fashion means.

You create the FASHION ✨.

Don’t forget that.



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