The Time

Moment by moment the time passes and in everybody’s life happen new things. Time doesn’t care about the past as there wasn’t any value . But it is wrong, isn’t it? 🤔

If you don’t watch your step you may fall and get hurt 😭 . But Time is not like us. It is the only that never stops. Maybe because it is ordered to do that. Time makes you suffer by putting bigger problems ahead of you to show how good you are. Everything goes unnoticed, becuase Time takes everything in the endless ocean of forgetfulness.

There are happy moments that make us happier ☺️, but there are also bad moments that make us sadder 😔. After a while there is nothing more left as everything that existed doesn’t exist anymore or somebody had stolen everything. Time is the best thief I’ve ever seen 👀. It steals every moment from our life. Even though we know that Time is stealing us, we can’t do anything against this leader of nature that sometimes is so violent and unreasonable 😤.

But it doesn’t matter, because God has put it in our lives for a reason, so it should be there to do its work. But actually there is a weapon with which we can fight Time.

This weapon is “experiencing”. Past is a memory, future is a mystery, but the present is a gift 🎁 . So you should cover every moment with a beautiful flower 🌺 and it will never lost, because it is part of you now, it doesn’t matter how hard Time tries to make you forget it.

According to a proverb the best teacher is the enemy 🐍. Well than let’s learn from this enemy named Time. Never give up and never stop trying, because nothing is impossible. As Time passes you will get stronger 💪.

Don’t forget Time is the enemy, but it’s also our best friend.

Time reveals everything, Time reveals the truth.

Good luck 🍀




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