My country

A lot of people send me direct message on Instagram (@gjekedoshi) to ask me where I am from and the answer is ALBANIA 🇦🇱.

My country is well known for its history and the wonderful natural beauty that it offers. If you visit Albania once, I’m sure you will want to visit it again. 👍

You will be amazed by the southern beaches 🌊 and the northern mountains ⛰. Everything a tourist want is here.

Albania is a small country with a big heart ❤️.

Albanians have been known for their hospitality and the phrase “Bukë, kripë e zemër të bardhë (bread, salt and white heart)” proves it. They have lived in poverty for a long time and some of them perhaps still do, but this didn’t prevent them from sharing love and support for relatives and foreigners. Albania continues to keep these values. Why I say this?

I say this, because most of the time albanians are seen with contempt and malevolence by foreigners. Just because some of them have done bad actions, does it mean that all the albanian are like that?

Absolutely NO 👎. There are good people and bad people in every country. So why should this indifference be to us?

We are all humans, we are all equal.

Albania isn’t developed like many other countries, but this doesn’t mean that we are lower than the others.😑

The difference between an albanian and an other person is that when he says ALBANIA his heart flies.🔝

Proud to be Albanian 🇦🇱

Peace ✌️





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  1. Most Americans think Albania is pretty cool. I was a peacekeeper in Bosnia and I made it as close as Montenegro. Thanks for visiting my site. Peace be the Botendaddy.

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