Laugh all the time

When I am with my friends, there are always some moments when nobody says a thing.Silence.

I love these moments because I can tell my phrase. It always makes my friends to say something. Maybe it is a little boring, because I repeat it until I reach my purpose 😆. But what is my phrase about?

I am always saying:”Tell me something to laugh 😂😂!” Actually my friends start to laugh as soon as they hear me say this 😅. I love people who make me laugh and I also love to make others laugh. This is the life. We don’t need only oxygen to live. We also need positive energy to make our life full of colors.

Maybe one day we will want to laugh, but we won’t be able to. Life and time are the same, because they both fly with the speed of light⚡️.

Laugh and smile as much as you can. Then you will realize that your life will take a good turn.

Bye 👋

Don’t forget to smile 😄



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