My dream

If you are a human being of course you have dreams. Dreams are so important to us, because they give us hope and courage that nothing is impossible if we really want to.When I was a little boy 👦 a had a lot of dreams, let’s say incredible dreams different, but similar at the same time 😆.

My first dream was about to become an astronaut 👨‍🚀. Years ago I was watching the sky when suddenly I saw a falling star 💫. That was really magic, so I said:” Who lives there 🤔? I want to go there and find out.”

Some years later a new dream appeared. I wanted to become a plane ✈️ pilot 👨‍✈️. I don’t know why, but even today I like the feeling that flying gives me.

It is so funny how the dreams of a little boy change from day to day 😅. There were also so many dreams, but I won’t share them.

Actually none of these dreams is my goal today.

Nowadays I have a big dream and I hope that it soon come true 🙏. But I won’t reveal my dream until then.

Remember nothing is impossible. Once upon a time every huge success was simply a dream.👈

Good luck 🍀


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