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We all love travelling. It is the most fantastic thing to do. Visiting a new place means having fun, learning new things, knowing a culture different from yours etc. But there are also some people who don’t like to travel but even they don’t like it they visit every place in this world.🌎
Why they do this if they don’t like it?!🤔

According to my sources 👈😂 they are too interested on what others think. So they share on Internet a lot of photos just to show their “luxury” life, moments during the trip and then the other people would die to be in their place, so they start to make rumors 📣. If you don’t travel they will say:”They are crazy.” And if your post a lot from your vacation thay will say it again.
People will never stop talking, because envy is endless. 😈
So, if you do something, do it for yourself and enjoy it for yourself. What others think is not important.
Have a nice day 👋


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